This is TJBC - Tommy Jean Brutal Customs. FUCK OFF.

TJBC - 16912 Gothard St Unit D Huntington Beach, CA 92647 - 310-754-5590

This is about me using my hands, starting from absolutely nothing, using my brain, starting with no knowledge, and using tools, starting with no money or shop.
Everything i have, I've built from nothing.
Every machine i work with is a learning experience, a journey not to be missed, and a destination to be falling in love with, over and over again.

Question everything.

Home of the Soco Psychos- Just South of Crazy!


To Begin with i want to thank a few people and the brands who came out to support the event Get to the Choppers!!! Thanks to them, we fully plan on doing this again next year!!!! Bigger and Better!

A few people were instrumental in ensuring the success of this event and I couldnt have put this thing together without them. Thank you guys!
Tyler Clinton
Gio Chicarella
Johnny Kressimir
Nikki Binx
Joe from Eds Stumble Inn
Cody Sandefer
Tyler MF Perry
Justin Bullock
Austin Bullock
Kenny LRMC
Yara Shields
Johnn Moss
Ricky Willis
Mark Mallot
Eric Von Fuct
Scott T-Bone
Mikey from Gasser
Kyle Walker
Brian Mackey
Lisa Ballard

You all were integral to making this thing a success and i cant thank you enough, I would love to have you all involved next year!

I also want to thank the brands who donated parts to this years build.
Lowbrow Customs
After Hours Choppers
Noise Cycles
Lower Class leather
Hippy Killer Garage
Crowne Plating and Polishing
TailEnd Customs
Casa Customs
Primo Powdercoating and Blasting
Black Market Art
Dept of Customz Paint

And a big Thank you to all the Vendors who attended this year!!! I know you guys all took a leap and stepped up to help me out and to be a part of this event, and i cant thank you enough for that. You guys made the show a success!

Silva Street Dogs
Kiera Brady Pinstriping
Lone Ranger Motor Clothing
Helm Street Jewelry
Vision 2 Victory Veterans Charity
Lower Class Leather
Dead and Buried Merchandise
Crowne Plating and Polishing
Hippy Killer Garage
Rolling Heavy
Noise Cycles
Gordo the artist
Show Class Magazine
Primos Helmet Division
El Diablo Moto
Naash Jewelry
A Pinups Closet
Landspeed Garage
Redemption Motorcycles
Black Market Art
Lowbrow Customs
Vintage Klass
Angel and the Badmen
Eds Stumble inn for hosting the event!
GD Bro Burger Truck!!!
and anyone else who came out
We will definitely be doing this again next year and I am already starting to put together the plan!
If you have any pics from the event, Please send them to
Thank you all again and we will see you next year! more pics coming soon!

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