This is TJBC - Tommy Jean Brutal Customs. FUCK OFF.

TJBC - 16912 Gothard St Unit D Huntington Beach, CA 92647 - 310-754-5590

This is about me using my hands, starting from absolutely nothing, using my brain, starting with no knowledge, and using tools, starting with no money or shop.
Everything i have, I've built from nothing.
Every machine i work with is a learning experience, a journey not to be missed, and a destination to be falling in love with, over and over again.

Question everything.

Home of the Soco Psychos- Just South of Crazy!


The raffle bike is speeding along at a good clip now, and the frame is back from paint with a beautiful white ice pearl finish.
now i have to get everything to sandblasting so the parts can be chromed in time for re-assembly!
im currently looking for someone who might want to donate a chrome job to the bike!

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