This is TJBC - Tommy Jean Brutal Customs. FUCK OFF.

TJBC - 16912 Gothard St Unit D Huntington Beach, CA 92647 - 310-754-5590

This is about me using my hands, starting from absolutely nothing, using my brain, starting with no knowledge, and using tools, starting with no money or shop.
Everything i have, I've built from nothing.
Every machine i work with is a learning experience, a journey not to be missed, and a destination to be falling in love with, over and over again.

Question everything.

Home of the Soco Psychos- Just South of Crazy!


Ever wanted to know who the hell this TJ Stiles character is? Well here's a brief Email interview i did recently, I'll share it with you!

Age: Dirty 30 and loving every second of it
Business: TJ Brutal Customs
Town: Huntington Beach CA, I love this city!
Co-Workers: None... yet
Riding Buddies: Bruuu, Tony, Shane, Cash, Tod, Jeff, Branden.
First Time on two wheels: when i was about 15 I painted my parents landlords ranch fence. It took me about 3 days, and they let me stay in their guest room. They had this big barn full of crap and they had a Honda Trail 90 and i tried to start it up and ended up screwing up my knee pretty bad kicking it over, they let me take it off their hands, i got it running and rode it around my parents property and to my job at the boat docks. that thing was rad!

First hand built motorcycle: My daily rider, a 2006 Honda Shadow VLX600, I bought it and thought it looked too shiny and lame so i started hacking crap off and learning how it worked. Mind you i had no other vehicle at the time so it was never down longer than a weekend! haha!

Earliest two wheel adventure: That would probably be when my little sister and I rode to Laughlin, me on my VT600 and she rode a ninja 250. she was a trooper!
Most recent two wheeled adventure: I tried to ride to vegas to visit a friend, ended up having a bunk battery, that died halfway there. It took me 4 hours in a home depot parking lot to figure it out, so I pushed the bike 2 miles down the road to an auto zone, I bought a new battery, a charger, and got a hotel room and a 6 pack and had just settled down when my friend Ricky calls me and says hes coming to get me. From Huntington Beach! Now THAT is a friend!

Current stable of bikes and projects: My VLX, DD"s, and my brothers VLX are always in the stable, and right now i have a cm250, a CM450, a KZ400, an XS650, a 2002 VLX chop im building for a customer, An XS400 An XS500 and a Vstar im doing some exhaust work on.

Tools you wish you had but dont: A lathe, a TIG, a tubing bender... oh and i really need an effing tool chest. SOON!
Tools you have but wish you didnt: thats a dumb question, i love all my tools!
Proudest moment: When i got to build my little brother a bike!
Darkest secret: Dont have any, I am an open book.
Deepest fear: losing my eyesight. How would I know when I've wiped enough????
Biggest regret: Selling my 1970 Chevy Nova.
Reason for being: LOVE. Love in all forms, for many reasons, towards many people, from many others, and all its manifestations of passion. I love my bike, I love dogs, I love Whiskey, I love Metal. They are all different forms of love but all equally as important and full of potential.

If i lost my right arm: Id probably be bummed because of the bills involved but id probably end up making the best of it and persevering through it and using that shit to learn a new skillset or something. Its pretty hard to keep me down!


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