This is TJBC - Tommy Jean Brutal Customs. FUCK OFF.

TJBC - 16912 Gothard St Unit D Huntington Beach, CA 92647 - 310-754-5590

This is about me using my hands, starting from absolutely nothing, using my brain, starting with no knowledge, and using tools, starting with no money or shop.
Everything i have, I've built from nothing.
Every machine i work with is a learning experience, a journey not to be missed, and a destination to be falling in love with, over and over again.

Question everything.

Home of the Soco Psychos- Just South of Crazy!



Listen up you scumbags and scumbaggettes! 

This here's a contest!

Email me your pictures of how YOU used a DO FUN SHIT! sticker, or a patch or a shop rag, include a link to your Facebook url so i can tag you in your photo, and I will post the pictures in the photo album called "May DFS contest! Share your photo! most likes wins!" Share the photo and get all your hooker friends to like it! 

Whoever gets the most likes on their picture by MAY 31st at midnight will win the following:

$50 gift certificate at Johnny's Saloon,(that's enough to get you loopy!) 
a DO FUN SHIT! t-shirt, a buttload of different sticker designs, patches, and a TJBC shop rag.

make sure you include your facebook URL so i can tag you! 
Good Luck! 

Don't have stickers and want to get em? go to

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